2019 Sacramento Podcast Festival Line-Up

Friday, May 31st

6pm - Letter Talk

Letter Talk is a short, irreverent, yet charming podcast hosted by comedian Alyssa Cowan where she writes letters to friends, businesses, public figures and organizations. Some letters are heartfelt, some are funny, some may even be weird.

7pm - Neon Clubhouse

(Almost) Dr. Olivia Brownstone found a box of audio cassette tapes in her mother’s attic. Part nostalgia, part coming-of-age, these recordings labeled “Neon Clubhouse” feature her mother and friends talking about life in the 1980s. This totally rad, fully improvised podcast features female voices based out of New Orleans.

8pm - Wasting ALL The Time

Wasting ALL the Time is an improv comedy podcast where Cody, Dave, and Jon play improv games, take inspiration from random word selections, answer questions from strangers on Twitter, tap into stream of consciousness, and generally goof off. It's a ton of fun!

9pm - Phil My Heart

"Phil my Heart"! is a critical examination of the people, content and context of Dr. Phil episodes, where comedians Drew Absher and Parker Newman examine the skillful (?) way in which these complex (?) social issues are handled within' the 42 minute window of Dr. Phil's televised office hours.

10pm - STAB!

STAB! is a comedy writing panel show where host John Morris Ross IV gives show regular Jesse Jones and a rotating panel of guests 24 hours to write their responses to several random topics and perform them for the first time live before an audience.

11pm - RADíO FLoMM

GENUINE MODERN RADIO:RADíO FLoMM “Like NPR, but with MOR swearing.” A collaborative weekly broadcast from the FLOMM collective covering the local + international art scene with nü thinking, old thinking, music, comedy, politics + art history.
MOR avant! MOR garde! LESS context! MOR context!

Saturday, June 1st

3pm - Must Love Digimon

Join hosts Cameron Betts and Cory Barringer as they watch the cult anime classic Digimon Adventure and discuss each episode with their comedian friends before a live audience. A "prodigious!" fun time for Digi-fans and non-Digi-fans alike!

4pm - Stand-Up Dads

A hilarious and informative podcast about parenting for parents with a sense of humor, presented by two lifelong friends that both happen to be dads and stand-up comics, just trying to make sense of parenting in today's world.

5pm - Serious Talk. Seriously

Funny, thought-provoking, and improvised, Serious Talk. Seriously. is a conversational interview with the awesome folks of Sacramento. Serious Talk. Seriously. is hosted by Johnny Flores.

6pm - Dregs of Craigs

Come learn how all vegans secretly have gills, how real-life dragons make sweet tender love, and where to book an axe-throwing party for your child’s birthday as Sacramento locals Steve, Dustin, and Sean dig into the depths of Craigslist to find the funniest, most cringe-worthy, and confounding ads on the site and riff on them for comedy gold! 

7pm - Spec Script

Spec Script is a podcast where a funny person writes an episode of a tv show that they have never seen. We take their script and do a table read featuring artists from Portland, OR and beyond.

8pm - Pitch, Please!

This game show podcast challenges four contestants to pitch their best screenplay, in the least amount of time. Prompted a card deck of movie cliches, players have just one minute to plan it, and one minute to win it. Pitch Please Podcast: it's the big screen in a little package!

9pm - The Cheap Chills Show

Ben Walker-Storey and Amanda WalkerStorey are creators. For their bi-weekly podcast, they talk monsters, the macabre and their mission to live like the Addams Family.

10pm - Ghosts-n-Heauxs

Pull up a seat and listen to paranormal investigators Danielle & Zee talk about the paranormal, true crime, the occult and all things spooky! Hexes and Heauxs, y’all.

11pm - Fat Chicks On Top

Fat Chicks on Top is a podcast for all things for fat chicks! We celebrate all bodies, sex, food, cute clothing and more! Hosted by Auntie Vice.

Sunday, June 2nd

2pm - Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

True horror stories written by those that made it out alive. First person accounts narrated and produced by Andrew Tate in an anthology of terror and suspense.

3pm - WTH Podcast

The world is full of nonsense, and we're here to make fun of it all. The show centers around three guys taking a look at crazy news stories, social media posturing, celebrities and things that just tick us off.

4pm - The Friendship Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast focusing on the subtle nuances of friendship as two friends attempt to break down the layers of friendship, but rarely achieve any insight. Also... nerd shit and booze.

5pm - Far Beyond Metal

Hosted by Daniel Cordova, this is a show devoted conversations with musicians and metal media makers, as well as learning about artists beyond the band, their earliest musical endeavors, and showcasing bands you may not know yet. This show is an homage to metal and the cheesy voices announcing it.

6pm - Alt Blk Podcast

Tony Asar and Earlpheus are two guys who live and love the Hip Hop Culture. Representing BLAQKNOIZ and coming from Pomona, Ca, this dynamic duo brings a fresh look and feel to the podcast game and the culture itself. #AltBlk

7pm - Accuracy Third

Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock. We are looking for your very best stories from and about That Thing In The Desert. With your hosts d-dae, Rex & Beth.

8pm - Did We Solve It?

Three ignorant comedians in Portland discuss race-relations and stereotypes in an effort to finally “solve” racism.

9pm - Joke Me Off

Nick and Saul are two comedians that love original ideas...and what would be more original than starting a podcast? In "Joke Me Off" They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events.